Wednesday, 27 April 2011

iN newspaper radio ad

IN Bromley radio ad by louisacain

To create my radio advert I found a song by Rihanna on youtube, and used youtube converter to convert it to mp3 so I was able to use it for my advert. I recorded and edited my advert by using garageband, an external mic and a mixing desk. I used a woman's voice to keep to the genre of my brand, and used a cool, young song to attract my target audience.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

final and printed newspaper

Due to the audience feedback I changed the weather forecast photos to make them more suitable and linked to the local weather of Bromley. I changed the position of the FREE label. I also developed and changed the date. I developed both my advertisements on the first and second page to make them more attractive to my target audience. I labelled all my photos to show the audience exactly what they will be reading about and what's on offer in the newspaper.
Overall I am happy with the outcome of my final printed newspaper, I think that it will attract my target audience.