Wednesday, 30 March 2011

radio advert research

I researched different magazine TV adverts on youtube to get some inspiration for my radio advert, I looked at the music they use and the words and language they use. I chose to research magazine adverts because my newspaper is more of a magazine and tabloid style and genre, compared to a conventional newspaper style.

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  1. Currently sits at level 2 (max 11/20)

    You have quite a few posts but it looks like there's been a lack of effort in documenting your progress in terms of the written reflection on what you've been doing.

    Ensure all posts are fully explained, with reflection on your progress, what's going well & what's not
    More print screens of work in progress
    Annotate photos with analysis of planning, framing and mise-en-scene
    - you need to explain how you took the photos
    Upload radio advert (when complete)
    Audience Profile is too short - looks like you haven't properly considered
    All by Friday 8th April - no later
    Generally, ALL posts need to be more detailed