Friday, 4 March 2011

Main story and Picture

Local model Kerry Knott, 18 have always dreamt of becoming a successful worldwide model. At 12 years of age she suffered for a long and life threatening illness, bulimia. Her fight through her illness inspired her to fulfill her dream of becoming a model. Out of luck she was asked by a friend to attend the fashion show, live at Birmingham. She has always been interested in fashion and wanted to have a sight into what it is like to be at a fashion show. She was then spotted by a top-modeling agency called ‘select’. They asked her to come down to their London head office to talk and to get all her details. She was very anxious as she’d never been to a casting before and thought that nothing would come out of it. They took some Polaroid photos of her and measured her. She went home thinking that nothing would come from this, but a week later got an unexpected call back. They then signed her to their agency and she is now a leading model for the UK. Now healthy and cured from her devastating illness, in the future Kerry wants to help other models suffering from devastating eating disorders. Since signing with select modeling agency 1 month ago Kerry has been the model of all the high street brands such as topshop and H&M, also a lot of designer brands. She has walked on the runway for London fashion week and she will continue to be successful and hopefully model around the world sometime soon. There is a lot of pressure these days for models to stay skinny at sizes 8 and below and Kerry wants to help these models stay healthy and not become ill. Her family who are from Bromley have been very supportive of Kerry through her modeling career and through her illness as a young girl. Kerry also suffered from bullying at the age of 10 which her family believe, triggered her illness. Now a successful model from Bromley, Kerry is happy, healthy and looking forward to what is going to happen next for her modeling career.

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