Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Furthur poster research and development

I was unsure in what picture to use for my poster as it had to stand out and appeal to my target audience to persuade them to buy my newspaper. So I made 2 copies of my posters on photoshop to see which picture I preferred and worked well the best. I also asked my class mates for their opinion and I came to the conclusion with their help, that the left photo stood out more, and would appeal more to my target audience and hopefully will make people want to buy and read it. I also thought it fitted with the genre of my newspaper which is fashion and beauty.
I experimented with the pink gradient over my poster so far to see what it would look like, and I thought it looked good and fits with my genre for my paper and target audience which is for girls.


All these photos are of posters advertising various magazines. I chose to research them as I needed inspiration and ideas for my newspaper advertising poster. I liked the pink gradient used on one of these photos and I thought it would go well with my genre and target audience for my newspaper as its for girls. I also liked the idea that the magazine "killers" used, they had a picture of the hard copy of their magazine on the poster. I also wanted to keep the theme and colour scheme of my newspaper on my poster which is pink and white, which I found out most newspapers and magazines do.

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