Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Segmenting the audience

My newspaper is about the latest fashion in bromley, with stories about fashion, new upcoming models and photographers in the area and new boutiques opening up locally. The gender which I am targeting my newspaper is at teenagers and young women, ages from 16-22. The educational background of my target audience will probably be students currently studying at college or university as my target audience is teenagers and young women. My target audience's likely social class would be at least middle class because they need to have money to spend on buying the latest fashion which will be advertised in my newspaper. I think the likely economic status that my target audience will be at working class either higher class or middle class. As for the teenagers to buy the clothes we advertise it is likely that the money they will use to buy the items will come from their parents.

The modern audience are complex so advertisers need complex means of categorising them. Some of the factors regularly considered are now: values, attitudes, lifestyles. The vals system was developed by the market research and advertising industry.

My core target audience will be for the teenagers who crave the admiration of their peers and who like to be in the latest trend and fashion (TRENDIES).

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