Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Key concepts

I have decided to focus on a particular genre which is fashion and beauty. It will include the latest fashion in the local stores and various fashion and beauty tips for all the young women and teenagers. I will also include in my newspaper a story about upcoming models and fashion photographers in the area and new fashion boutiques which are opening. I think fashion is a very popular genre and is represented a lot in the world over other issues going on in the local news, and its something most people are interested in and are passionate about. The local community will be able to relate to this paper as its something local and about things going on in the fashion world locally, my paper will be a local paper for Bromley.

My paper will be inspired by newspapers and magazines such as, look. I want my paper to be really unique and so have called it 'iN' which means in style and fashion. My newspaper will be free so it will rely on advertisements to fund it.

A clear layout design for my paper is key for it to catch the readers eye and be a success, so to create the design I will be using a MAC computer as it has very advance software, e.g photoshop which lets me produce good quality photos and titles etc. I will have to use the different values most newspapers use, I will have to have a clear mast head so it stands out from the rest of the competitors, also I will have the date and the price which in my case is free, so that the readers know how up to date the fashion is in the newspaper at the moment. I will also have good quality photos so its more enjoyable for the readers to read, and will want to read more.

The audience I am targeting my newspaper to are teenagers and young adults, ageing from the range of n15-22. I think this is the age groups where fashion is an important part of their life and so will appeal to them more than any other age groups. My newspaper will be more aimed at a female audience as it will have new and young aspiring models and photographers which will be women, but I wouldn't rule out men reading it. The only down side to having a female targeting newspaper will be that it will make the target audience and likely readers less.

As I want my newspaper to stand out from the rest I have to make it look appealing and interesting. To do this I'm going to use a non conventional font for my mast head, which will make it look unique and interesting compared to the other local newspapers. I will also use bright colours so it stands out.

My newspaper is going to include stories about upcoming and aspiring young local models and photographers, also new boutiques opening. Also beauty tips so their is a variety of different stories and photos. I want my newspaper to aim at the teenagers who love fashion and who have a passion for it, and maybe who want to work in the fashion and beauty world some day.


The genre of my newspaper 'iN' will be a fashion & beauty local. It will be different to any other local paper as it's about local fashion and beauty news, with stories such as new upcoming photographers and models. I want it to stand out and create a massive impact on my readers by having alot of information and tips about the local fashion.

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