Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ideas for brief

For my A2 coursework I am going to create and design the first 2 pages of a newspaper. I feel that there is a gap in the market for young people and have decided to focus my design on fashion and beauty, which will be mainly targeted for teenage girls and young local women.

I recently created a short film about the chances you face and have to deal with from changing from 17 to 18. I worked in a group with 2 other classmates. We had to use and learn a wide range of different skills and challenges to make the short film successful. This was the first time I tried to make a video so I had to learn new skills. As my A2 work should be at a higher level I decided to use the skills I am already aware of and that I already developed in AS. By using the skills I already know I feel that I will be able to create a piece of work to the standard I am at. The software and skills I am confident in using, are photography, photoshop and indesign and I feel that I will be able to use my skills to create a high level piece of work an develop my skills even more.
I have researched some local news papers in bromley to look at the different layouts, design and content used in the first 2 pages of a newspaper. Yesterday I decided to look at and do a closer analyses of the bromley times. I was looking at the conventions of the newspaper and I found that they use a 5 column structure and have a mast area at the top of the newspaper for the date, title and a puff.
page 1 page 2

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