Wednesday, 27 April 2011

iN newspaper radio ad

IN Bromley radio ad by louisacain

To create my radio advert I found a song by Rihanna on youtube, and used youtube converter to convert it to mp3 so I was able to use it for my advert. I recorded and edited my advert by using garageband, an external mic and a mixing desk. I used a woman's voice to keep to the genre of my brand, and used a cool, young song to attract my target audience.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

final and printed newspaper

Due to the audience feedback I changed the weather forecast photos to make them more suitable and linked to the local weather of Bromley. I changed the position of the FREE label. I also developed and changed the date. I developed both my advertisements on the first and second page to make them more attractive to my target audience. I labelled all my photos to show the audience exactly what they will be reading about and what's on offer in the newspaper.
Overall I am happy with the outcome of my final printed newspaper, I think that it will attract my target audience.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

radio advert research

I researched different magazine TV adverts on youtube to get some inspiration for my radio advert, I looked at the music they use and the words and language they use. I chose to research magazine adverts because my newspaper is more of a magazine and tabloid style and genre, compared to a conventional newspaper style.

poster final draft

draft and feedback

This is what my newspaper looks like at the moment. There are a few things I still need to develop on thanks to the audience feedback I received which is to make my advertisement on my first page more detailed to show exactly what product they would be buying. I also need to change the weather forecast photos . I also had to change and develop the date on the paper and label my photos, so it was clearer to the audience what was in the paper.

I printed my newspaper so far out and asked teachers and other pupils from the school to comment on sticky notes and stick them to the areas of the newspaper where they think needs changing or developing. This was a good technique for audience feedback as I had my target audience commenting which helped me know exactly what they wanted with from my newspaper.
I found the feedback given to me by the audience very helpful and useful and has helped me to develop my newspaper to the level I want it to be.

Furthur poster research and development

I was unsure in what picture to use for my poster as it had to stand out and appeal to my target audience to persuade them to buy my newspaper. So I made 2 copies of my posters on photoshop to see which picture I preferred and worked well the best. I also asked my class mates for their opinion and I came to the conclusion with their help, that the left photo stood out more, and would appeal more to my target audience and hopefully will make people want to buy and read it. I also thought it fitted with the genre of my newspaper which is fashion and beauty.
I experimented with the pink gradient over my poster so far to see what it would look like, and I thought it looked good and fits with my genre for my paper and target audience which is for girls.


All these photos are of posters advertising various magazines. I chose to research them as I needed inspiration and ideas for my newspaper advertising poster. I liked the pink gradient used on one of these photos and I thought it would go well with my genre and target audience for my newspaper as its for girls. I also liked the idea that the magazine "killers" used, they had a picture of the hard copy of their magazine on the poster. I also wanted to keep the theme and colour scheme of my newspaper on my poster which is pink and white, which I found out most newspapers and magazines do.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Photo development

I saw this photo on a online magazine called 'LOOK', as my newspapers genre is fashion and beauty I thought it would be ideal for an advertisement picture on my paper. As most of my photos I have used were colourful and bright I decided to play around with it on photoshop to see what effects would work well and what would look good for my newspaper. I chose to change the colour to black and white as I thought it looked more for a newspaper rather than a magazine. I also think it shows the beauty side of my newspaper as the hair is a different style to the photos I have already used and taken for my paper.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Main story and Picture

Local model Kerry Knott, 18 have always dreamt of becoming a successful worldwide model. At 12 years of age she suffered for a long and life threatening illness, bulimia. Her fight through her illness inspired her to fulfill her dream of becoming a model. Out of luck she was asked by a friend to attend the fashion show, live at Birmingham. She has always been interested in fashion and wanted to have a sight into what it is like to be at a fashion show. She was then spotted by a top-modeling agency called ‘select’. They asked her to come down to their London head office to talk and to get all her details. She was very anxious as she’d never been to a casting before and thought that nothing would come out of it. They took some Polaroid photos of her and measured her. She went home thinking that nothing would come from this, but a week later got an unexpected call back. They then signed her to their agency and she is now a leading model for the UK. Now healthy and cured from her devastating illness, in the future Kerry wants to help other models suffering from devastating eating disorders. Since signing with select modeling agency 1 month ago Kerry has been the model of all the high street brands such as topshop and H&M, also a lot of designer brands. She has walked on the runway for London fashion week and she will continue to be successful and hopefully model around the world sometime soon. There is a lot of pressure these days for models to stay skinny at sizes 8 and below and Kerry wants to help these models stay healthy and not become ill. Her family who are from Bromley have been very supportive of Kerry through her modeling career and through her illness as a young girl. Kerry also suffered from bullying at the age of 10 which her family believe, triggered her illness. Now a successful model from Bromley, Kerry is happy, healthy and looking forward to what is going to happen next for her modeling career.

Final drawn design of my newspaper

First Page

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


This picture is my basic layout of the front page of my newspaper. The date will be placed underneath the mast head, and will be bold and visible. I will have 4 plugs at the top right of my newspaper to give clues to what is inside the fashion newspaper. I will have my main story on the left column which will be continued further on in the newspaper. The main story will have a picture with it in the second and third column. On the bottom there will be an advertisement for a beauty product as my newspaper is about fashion a beauty.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Key concepts

I have decided to focus on a particular genre which is fashion and beauty. It will include the latest fashion in the local stores and various fashion and beauty tips for all the young women and teenagers. I will also include in my newspaper a story about upcoming models and fashion photographers in the area and new fashion boutiques which are opening. I think fashion is a very popular genre and is represented a lot in the world over other issues going on in the local news, and its something most people are interested in and are passionate about. The local community will be able to relate to this paper as its something local and about things going on in the fashion world locally, my paper will be a local paper for Bromley.

My paper will be inspired by newspapers and magazines such as, look. I want my paper to be really unique and so have called it 'iN' which means in style and fashion. My newspaper will be free so it will rely on advertisements to fund it.

A clear layout design for my paper is key for it to catch the readers eye and be a success, so to create the design I will be using a MAC computer as it has very advance software, e.g photoshop which lets me produce good quality photos and titles etc. I will have to use the different values most newspapers use, I will have to have a clear mast head so it stands out from the rest of the competitors, also I will have the date and the price which in my case is free, so that the readers know how up to date the fashion is in the newspaper at the moment. I will also have good quality photos so its more enjoyable for the readers to read, and will want to read more.

The audience I am targeting my newspaper to are teenagers and young adults, ageing from the range of n15-22. I think this is the age groups where fashion is an important part of their life and so will appeal to them more than any other age groups. My newspaper will be more aimed at a female audience as it will have new and young aspiring models and photographers which will be women, but I wouldn't rule out men reading it. The only down side to having a female targeting newspaper will be that it will make the target audience and likely readers less.

As I want my newspaper to stand out from the rest I have to make it look appealing and interesting. To do this I'm going to use a non conventional font for my mast head, which will make it look unique and interesting compared to the other local newspapers. I will also use bright colours so it stands out.

My newspaper is going to include stories about upcoming and aspiring young local models and photographers, also new boutiques opening. Also beauty tips so their is a variety of different stories and photos. I want my newspaper to aim at the teenagers who love fashion and who have a passion for it, and maybe who want to work in the fashion and beauty world some day.


The genre of my newspaper 'iN' will be a fashion & beauty local. It will be different to any other local paper as it's about local fashion and beauty news, with stories such as new upcoming photographers and models. I want it to stand out and create a massive impact on my readers by having alot of information and tips about the local fashion.

Researching stories

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Segmenting the audience

My newspaper is about the latest fashion in bromley, with stories about fashion, new upcoming models and photographers in the area and new boutiques opening up locally. The gender which I am targeting my newspaper is at teenagers and young women, ages from 16-22. The educational background of my target audience will probably be students currently studying at college or university as my target audience is teenagers and young women. My target audience's likely social class would be at least middle class because they need to have money to spend on buying the latest fashion which will be advertised in my newspaper. I think the likely economic status that my target audience will be at working class either higher class or middle class. As for the teenagers to buy the clothes we advertise it is likely that the money they will use to buy the items will come from their parents.

The modern audience are complex so advertisers need complex means of categorising them. Some of the factors regularly considered are now: values, attitudes, lifestyles. The vals system was developed by the market research and advertising industry.

My core target audience will be for the teenagers who crave the admiration of their peers and who like to be in the latest trend and fashion (TRENDIES).

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Title development

This is the design which I have chosen to use as my mast head and name of my newspaper. I think that it is bold and eye catching and will make it stand out from the rest of the competition. I think the colours and fonts are fun and lively and looks fashionable. I feel that this is a very unique design and will be popular with the viewers.

I liked this design, although I thought the fonts weren't different and eye catching enough, I also thought the colours were too bland and basic and won't stand out from the competition as much as I would like it too.
Photoshop is the software programme I used to create my title and mast head designs.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Metro newspaper and measurements

Metro measurements and conventions for front cover.

By having the measurements of the metro, this will help me with the conventions and measurements of my news paper when it comes to creating the product. I will be able to create a newspaper which is at a professional standard.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ideas for brief

For my A2 coursework I am going to create and design the first 2 pages of a newspaper. I feel that there is a gap in the market for young people and have decided to focus my design on fashion and beauty, which will be mainly targeted for teenage girls and young local women.

I recently created a short film about the chances you face and have to deal with from changing from 17 to 18. I worked in a group with 2 other classmates. We had to use and learn a wide range of different skills and challenges to make the short film successful. This was the first time I tried to make a video so I had to learn new skills. As my A2 work should be at a higher level I decided to use the skills I am already aware of and that I already developed in AS. By using the skills I already know I feel that I will be able to create a piece of work to the standard I am at. The software and skills I am confident in using, are photography, photoshop and indesign and I feel that I will be able to use my skills to create a high level piece of work an develop my skills even more.
I have researched some local news papers in bromley to look at the different layouts, design and content used in the first 2 pages of a newspaper. Yesterday I decided to look at and do a closer analyses of the bromley times. I was looking at the conventions of the newspaper and I found that they use a 5 column structure and have a mast area at the top of the newspaper for the date, title and a puff.
page 1 page 2